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Posted by Steven Alden on 1/18/2019

On the SteveAlden appliances blog, you will find articles intended to help you for the best use of your appliances. Eventually you can find topics related to other products that contribute to the comfort and safety of your home.

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Why buy used appliances?

Experts in the efficient management of personal finances recommend them because appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers remain intact with the passage of a few years. In addition to having a guarantee, you can always contact and check the status of the appliance you want to buy and find them cheaper than a new one.

What does SteveAlden Appliances offer you?

In addition to the 30-day warranty, you will have a working device reviewed by qualified technicians at a fairly comfortable price and in a wide range. But it also frees you from the worry generated by the need to buy; how to choose the ideal appliance for the number of people who will use it, the necessary for the available space, the one indicated for the energy source in use. With an additional payment of $ 25 we install it anywhere in the D/FW area and as a free service we pick up your old device or if it is in use condition we negotiate it.   

Do you want more comfort?

You can order your purchase online, you have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; You can browse the page http://www.stevealdenappliances.com/ and choose calmly from the wide variety of products and confirm your purchase or you can call 75050682-300-9387 Grand Prairie, Texas, where you can notify your purchase decision or to request guidance in what you need.

Washers, Dryers, and More!

Posted by Steve Alden on 3/28/2014
Washers, dryers and more!